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The Telecommunications and Network Security provides complete confidentiality and protection to private and public communications and media. The current consumer experience with security services operating over broadband infrastructure is preserved, and that data transmission is not subject to any anti-competitive practices. We offer telecommunications services as it becomes a necessity, owing to the threats of hacking and interference between the parties involved during the call. It further brings better connectivity and security to your workplace in respect to enabling the system within the premises.


CCTV plays an important part in the present world and with cameras all around, our regular lives are witnessing greater levels of security with each passing day. The video recorded can be searched and reviewed and used as an evidence of occurrence of an incident. It is quite helpful in solving many criminal cases. Our surveillance solution bring you a better control on your work environment, or property and presenting you with the best surveillance structure possible thus giving a safe environment to your world.


In the tech-savvy generation, it becomes a thing of utmost importance to provide security to corporate organizations who are basing their entire structure on a computer system. We provide solutions for servers, laptops, networking products, and wireless structured cabling for accurate protection from hackers and theft. An easy- to- use, responsive network solutions keep your entire organisations’s security safe and makes the upkeep of your network easier and protected.


3Cop has designed intelligent broad spectrum solution obtaining to fire safety which is going to help in the exception of a fire hazard to ensure the health of an organisation. The products come in two forms: stand alone fire suppression system, that works in an integrated manner to send off signals that will ultimately release the fire suppression agent directly into the casualty area. Another is the addressable and non- addressable fire alarm system, which is a centralised alarm system which indicates the specific area and location where the casualty needs to be addressed.View Details


We also offer Time and Attendance software systems. Precise monitoring and recording of employees working time is essential in today's flexible working environment and allows essential management reporting of overtime, holiday & hours worked and manages work/life balance. It automates the attendance of the employees by checking their IN and OUT timings, total work duration and lunch hours for better records. The time and attendance integrated systems also come in handy, if you’d like to inquire if an employee is missing work on consecutive days and you’d better like to step in on the situation.