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Working for a corporate culture requires inventive and experimental facilities to increase organisation and upscale the work production, and that’s where CARVa comes in with providing solutions for the corporate innovators with services for audio and video conferencing, holding meetings; or presenting a difficult problem to your employees, CARVA’s easy- to- use system and interface cuts down the time, management and resources it takes to function on such a large scale.


The Digital lock as a hardware solution is a much necessary appliance to make your home a smart place as you no more need to worry about losing your keys or someone else possessing it. The Automation solution helps in saving time, energy and is more efficient compared to using them manually by controlling basic home functions with the use of computer systems. These locks are very reliable as only the owner has the total control over the system and regulate it as per their requirement. It brings a vantage point to safety and overall security of your home.


We are offering you the right accessories with the best quality that is great for your personal use and at the very ease of your convenience. Our accessories include connectors and transmitters that are available with great quality and would make a perfect solutions for you. Our accessories would match your systems perfectly and would bring further convenience to your daily usage of your appliances and other security systems. The accessories solutions would further make difficult tasks easier saving time and energy.


CARVA has designed intelligent broad spectrum solution obtaining to fire safety which is going to help in the exception of a fire hazard to ensure the health of an organisation. The products come in two forms: stand alone fire suppression system, that works in an integrated manner to send off signals that will ultimately release the fire suppression agent directly into the casualty area. Another is the addressable and non- addressable fire alarm system, which is a centralised alarm system which indicates the specific area and location where the casualty needs to be addressed.


In today's world, information is the most valuable currency and it is only natural that any enterprise with secret and unique information would want to have it secured inside an impregnable fortress of safety. Cyber Security and Antivirus products, hence, become of utmost importance for any business and we provide an excellent option for everyone looking forward to the same. The cyber security products should be taken seriously since your data can be stolen easily, and your data is unique and important to you and your enterprise, thus anti-virus products can help you keep secured on that end.


A Technical solution that enables automation of the bulk of electric, electrical & technology based tasks within a home. It uses combination of hardware and software technologies which enable control and management over applications and devices within the premises. It helps in better regulation of all of the technologies integrated in the system and gives complete ownership to the individual. The owner can better manage all of his appliances in respect to the time, energy and effort.

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