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Surveillance in the Transport Vertical

FIBER  OPTIC ,UTP DATA  Police Surveillance

RLVD & Speed Violation

Detection of Red Light and Speed Violations



In today’s scenarios and environment security measures play a very important role in managing a setup or a gated community, which includes offices, schools, colleges, factories etc. In order to overcome the errors caused due to manual management of security surveillance, 3COP SECURITY SOLUTIONS provides highly accurate CCTV/IP Cameras for effective and constant monitoring.

For Bio-Metrics

Access Control systems increase security within your premises. Fingerprint reader, pin combination, facial recognition systems, are the different kinds of access control systems available in the market. These systems can be used to increase security at home and business places. Restricting entry into your premises is the most important step towards attaining safety, only authorized users are granted access into your homes, bedrooms, safes, offices, cabins etc. in-built alarms in access control systems alert owners in case an unauthorized entry s attempted.

For integration & service

Provide the best in class technological solutions.

With our 360 security solutions, we are one stop shop for all your digital security needs.

We provide an uncompromising experience of after Sales Service to our clients and something we value the most.

Proven expertise in understanding challenges of a growing organization

 Police Station Surveillance

Monitoring of feeds form Police Station for L&O management cctv and Biometric  machiche

Intelligent Transport Solution Architecture

Organizations and authorities across the world are discovering the benefits of surveillance in transport. With high definition images, both in real-time and recordings (3COP SECURITY SOLUTIONS ) range of transport surveillance solutions with advanced analytics makes possible for any authorized personnel to access information from anywhere, anytime.

Surveillance Vans

Provide live feeds and geo- Location form location of incident for faster emergency response

Intelligent Transport

Police Surveillance

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